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Brief Focused Assessments

Brief Focuseed Assessments (BFA'S) are similar to Child Custody Evaluations(CCE's) however they are more specific in what they cover and more limited in their involvement.  Brief Focused Assessments focus on one or two specific isues that parents are needing help to resolve.  The issue could be adding an overnight visit and determining the appropriate age to do this, it may be identifying which school setting may work best for a child, issues around children with special needs and medical care, amongst various other issues.

A BFA typically is less extensive and intrusive than a CCE and therefore is less costly.  It can typically be completed in a shorter timespan and helps the parents come to some resolution on the issue at hand, or give enough information to the courts so that the courts can come to a decision.  Unlike a Child Custody Evaluation, it may not include psychological testing or home visits and the amount of interviews is typically fewer than in a Child Custody Evaluation.