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Co-Parent Counseling

Co-Parent Counseling can be either voluntarily participated in or court ordered. During this process I help parents to see other alternatives to their current relationship and help them let go of their expectations of the other parent.  Often times, the most difficult thing about divorce is not being able to control or have a say in how the other parent behaves.  It is a process to evolve into a different relationship with the other parent, to come to some resolution about the ending of the marriage and to gain an understanding of what the co-parenting relationship will look like and entail.  Just like in a marriage, agreements are made to make the co-parenting relationship be more successful, however for parents who were not able to obtain this in their marriage, they can often struggle to find it in a co-parenting relationship.  The Co-Parenting relationship becomes more of a business interaction...the business of raising children.  In businesses their are rules about how the business will operate and who will be responsbile for tasks, etc.  Decisions have to be made and communication between "business partners" has to be maintained.  The details of how to do that, are a significant part of the co-parenting process.