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Custody Mediaton

In the role as Mediator, I help divorcing couples address the nature of parenting together while being apart.  I also help them negotiate the design of a Parenting Plan.  This plan will be the blue print for how they Co-Parent their child(ren) and how they will handle future disagreements.  Mediation is not for all people.  You have to be capable of moving away from your stance as the "right" stance and be able to see the value of the other parent's thoughts.  Mediation entails being able to tolerate frustration, to maturely handle disappointment and to be able to see things through the other parents lens.

Mediation is typically a confidential process, unless the parties agree otherwise.  This confidentiality allows both parties to speak freely about their concerns and needs without the threat of it being told to the court.  This potential to have a more upfront and honest dialogue lends to a more productive mediation process.  Once the Parenting Plan is mediated, it is written up as a document that may be filed with the courts.

I do not mediate financial issues such as Spousal Support or Child Support.